Rogers brings My Account to your Android

You gotta give Rogers credit for being pro-Android, even if they are a couple steps behind other markets. They recently took a couple steps forward with the release of MyAccount app for their Android customers, allowing people to view their account information from their device, similar to the MyAccount app from T-Mobile, but with a couple extras.

Features available in this app are:

  • View current Voice, Data, and Messaging use for the month so far
  • Check account balance, billing cycle, and last payment
  • Make a payment directly within application
  • Common help and support issues
  • Available in English and French languages
  • Feedback form
  • Overage Alerts

A few things to note however:

  • The app does not support Corporate Paid/Reimbursed Accounts.
  • The app does not support Prepaid accounts.
  • You must have a data plan with Rogers, whether contracted or not.
  • You must be on 3G or EDGE for the app to retrieve your account information. If you are on WiFi, you will have to turn WiFi off and connect to 3G or EDGE.

This will likely become a standard app for all new Rogers Android devices, but for now you can head over to your Canadian Android Market to download it. If I can find a QR code to the app, I’ll post it here for convenience.

[Source AndroidGuys]