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  • 25 January, 2010

T-Mobile decides Android needs syncing.

T-Mobile has decided that Google’s lack of a syncing option for the Android platform was not good enough for their subscribers. Sometime today,an  iTunes replacement app, doubleTwist will announce a partnership with T-Mobile to be the syncing app for Android. This gives doubleTwist a nice boost as not only being the preffered and only supported syncing app, but also their logo will be placed in retail outlets and on T-Mobile’s website.

It has been reported that T-Mobile will already be bundling doubleTwist with the Fender Mytouch and we shall be seeing it on other devices soon. Unfortunately, the T-Mobile bundled version of the app will not include the Amazon MP3 store, reason unknown, but if you would like this feature, you can download the full app from their website.

Doubletwist has the same look and feel as iTunes, and very well shall be dubbed the “iTunes for Android.” Any device that runs the Android OS, regardless of carrier, can download the software and start syncing now.

Thanks to TechCrunch for dropping the news early. Download doubleTwist here.