Why are Smartphone’s so expensive?

Nobody really asks the question about the price of SmartPhones!  Why are they so expensive?

Low powered mobile processors that are used in todays SmartPhones are, according industry news, about thalf the price of your everyday desktop computer processor.  You can buy a low powered computer with a 10.1 inch High Resolution Display, 1GB of memory, a 120GB Hard Drive and a mobile processor for around $300 and yet we are willing to pay $500 for a 3 inch screen mobile device with small amounts of memory and a slow processor.

Does this make sense?  Are we paying too much for our SmartPhones?

Also if you look at the number of SmartPhones produced you would think the numbers would also validate an even further reduction in price.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my SmartPhone but I do think we pay too much for them!

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