An Android counterpoint

Android has a problem with women, a topic that has been talked about at great length.  In a nutshell; the phones are fine, it’s marketing that’s the problem. Angel Webster over at Android Guys offers a differing opinion, stating the devices need to be changed to attract more female buyers:

I feel like I am using a man’s phone.  Call me picky, but I don’t like that it only comes in “Winter White” and “Titanium”.   The phone is somewhat bulky and rather heavy.  As thick as this phone is, I would expect more raised buttons or something easier for me to type quickly on.  I know it sounds like I hate this phone or that I wouldn’t recommend it to others, but that’s not the case.  It’s just not for me and my needs.

I’ve looked around at other carriers and don’t see anything else that really appeals to me.  I find the DROID to be downright ugly and lacking personality.  I know all that it can do inside, but on the outside it is very box-like and cold.  All of the Android phones I have seen so far have capacitive touch screens or don’t have a full keyboard.

As much as I love Android, I can recognize that it simply isn’t for everyone. You can read her full argument for feminizing the green guy at AndroidGuys.

[Source AndroidGuys]