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  • 9 September, 2009

Cyanogen’s v4.1.6 Released. Fast but Unstable!

Cyanogen has release v4.1.6 of his experimental ROM.  I started reading through the thread on XDA to find out what’s new and what’s broken but there was problem after problem being reported so I decided not to try and list them.  It would appear that there are major problems probably related to the new scheduler that he has integrated. You can download the ROM if you want, but I’m staying well clear.

Don’t forget to let us know how you get on.

I’ve also been reading of blurring screen issues on the sapphire.  Most of the latest ROMs will not work, and that includes Cyanogen’s and many of the Hero ROM’s.  One of the only ROM’s that is running successfully and very quickly are the ROMs using Enomther’s kernel.

You can head over to Cyanogen’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for ROM information and downloads.