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  • 25 August, 2009

Drizzy Releases Haykuro’s New Hero

Drizzy has released another Hero ROM based off an image provided by Haykuro. The ROM is called “Haykuro’s 1.79.482.3 hero_release by Drizzy “.

Head over to Drizzy’s Homepage to find out more.

For now, here’s the lastest change log:

H_hero V0.1:
: based off haykuro’s release by haykuro
: ported JAVA “woot” by drizzy “xdan gave me the files for the port so make sure to thank him”
: apps to sd on boot
: added camera mod “camera button now is search longpress voice search & short press search bar”
: FULL ROM except 2 apk’s “learn more apk and htc sync apk”
: haykuro & daproy’s kernel
: ext2/3 support
: youtube plays HQ over 3g
: added some libs
: added ophone fonts to save some space
: edit CID
: edited lots of default settings
: linux-swap
: auto rotate sms ported from dopod by drizzy “thanks again XDan”
: user.conf by twisted
: userinit by twisted
: MT-Wifi
: takes a minute to boot up
: not optimized what so ever
more stuff will add soon!