Eugene373 Eclair v2.4 w/ Camera Released

Eugene373 has release an update to his Eclair ROM for the T-Mobile G1 / MyTouch3G now at version 2.4 and includes a working camera driver.

-Camera Working Thanks to NCommander Posting Source
-Added MoTo CAL
-Added MoTo Gal
-Added Home Portal
-Added Facebook
-Added MySpace
-Added Twidroid
-Added Media Gallery
-Added MoTo Weather Widget
-Fixed Busybox Links
-Swap only
-CC is Turned Off
-Moved The Nexus Boot from V.2.2 to Data location
-Few Minor Bugs Fixed
-Carhome Graphical Fixed by Manup456
-*Things I’ve Might Missed*

Head over to Eugnee373’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more information and downloads.