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  • 18 February, 2010

Google Voice, what are you waiting for?

Google Voice is one of the must-have apps for anyone with an Android phone.  If you haven’t been using Google Voice here’s why you should:

  • One number to link your cell, home, and work numbers.
  • Calls: make, recieve, screen, conference, and recording options.
  • Voicemail: you can listen to it the old-fashioned way, get it as a text, or read it in an email. You can even share messages with other people, if you’re into that sort of thing.
  • SMS: free to send and receive,  and you can send a text message to multiple people at one.
  • International calling: a $0.10 credit to start, calls to Canada are free, with mostly low rates for the rest of the world. Mexico City is $0.02/min,  the same for France, Germany, United Kingdom, and Australia.  Antarctica is a pricey call at $2/min.  Note these are rates for land lines, calling mobile to mobile is higher.

For me, the free calls to Canada makes Google Voice worth it’s weight in gold, or silver, or even bronze. Ok, that was a bad olympic joke. The other bad thing is that Google Voice is still invite only, and waiting times may vary. Any generous people out there with GV invites to spare, feel free to leave your information in the comments.

Google Voice Blog just added a whole bevy of new videos that fully explain how to make GV work for you, available on their site or at their new YouTube channel.

Google Voice Blog

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