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  • 17 February, 2010

HSPA Plus Rolling To T-Mobile

A few months ago, T-Mobile announced their new HSPA Service which brough 7.2 to selected devices.  Well T-Mobile is stepping up their speed.  Right now they’re testing out 21 Mps in Philidephia.  So far the speeds are there and the service is stable.  We could possible see it coming to all other major cities with in the next few months.  21 Mps is a big step up from 7.2.  Might put T-Mobile in the lead aganist Sprint, which has the fastest data service right now in the U.S.

I’ve also heard some rumors that 100 mps is working.  Again this is a rumor, and if it’s true.  We might see unbelieve interent speeds on our Android devices soon enough.

Know anything about the HSPA Plus roll out?  Let AndroidStory know and leave a comment!  Thanks for reading.