It’s Twoo, It’s Twoo …. 4G Speed is a reality

You may have read my earlier post about the potential of an unidentified 4G signal piggy backing on the current cell towers.  Well we now have more…

Taker a close look at the screen shot below… No… Closer….Yes, it does say 4G.

Our friendly develop community is working hard to jump on board this new found 4G signal (or whatever they are calling the technology they are testing) and get us all connected at blazing fast speeds before anything has been officially announced.

Let’s hope the superstar developers around can get this out to the masses before any of the affected carriers get a wind of it…..SShhhhhh everyone.

Now we just need to get some explanation of exactly what this is and when they think we can have it cos I sure do want my phones blazing at 4G speeds.