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  • 13 September, 2009

LHero by Maxisma (DONUT)

Lhero by Maxisma is now out for your enjoyment! This ROM based on Cyanogens CM-4.1.8 release has a nice script for swapping between Rogers and Hero transitions. Check the changelog below for more information:

-Added script to switch between Hero and Rogers transitions (animation when switching between apps) – “su” then “switchto_herotrans” in terminal or “switchto_rogtrans” for rogers transitions, you have to reboot for changes to take effect 😉
-Based on CM-4.1.8
-Updated Lockscreen, music control now working
-Global Search (native Donut globalsearch)
-install_qwertz for easy switching to QWERTZ-layout
-Skinned to look like Hero
-Updated Browser
-Changed animations when switching windows to Rogers
-HTC-like boot image (the HTC-logo)
-Auto compcache (24 MB)
-Added T9 Dial
-Newer HTC_IME
-Enhanced YouTube app
-rwsystem & rosystem
-Rogers animations when switching windows

Added these apps:
-Twidroid (Skinned)
-Twidgit (Twitter Widget)
-Several Settings-Widgets
-Mixzing Music Player instead of the HTC Music because it has a Hero like Music Widget and Last.FM scrobble integration but is faster
-Battery Life Widget
-Bookmark Widget (Live Folder) (Long Click on Homescreen and select Folders, then Live Bookmarks)

Maybe Haykuros SPL, Need someone who tells me if it works on HardSPL too.