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  • 11 September, 2009

TheOfficial Rogers – Enomther`s MOD – v1.7.4

Enomther has come through with another update for his TheOfficial Releases! So get your barcode scanners ready and upgrade today! This latest update patches some of the expsetup utility as well as the hardware ID. As noted in the change log this should fix anyones problem with the TMO MyFaves problem if your running any version prior to this release.

For more detailed release information please refer to the developers page here



– replaced – libhtc_ril.so (now from ION)
– fixed – HW Model display issue, now G1/MyTouch display properly, should fix MyFaves issues
– fixed – reboot freeze in the expsetup util
– added – expsetup now reboots and flashes resources automatically (with consent)
– added – updated APN list
– added – MultiLanguage Support

– fixed – sapphire-32B hardware init issues.