Samsung: “No plans for Ice Cream Sandwich at all for the Galaxy S line.”

Well, that is about all there is to say about that. Seems as though the reports that came in shortly after Samsung had announced the ICS update device line up, pegs the Galaxy S as dead in the water after all. We heard a rumor that they might be working on a ‘Value Pack’ of ICS, but that seems to also be false. Seems as though Samsung has absolutely no plans to make any updates to the Galaxy S line anytime in the near or distant future.

This is rather upsetting to myself and to many of the millions of dedicated Galaxy S owners around the world. Of course many would say, “Time to upgrade.” That really isn’t the type of message I want to hear from my OEM or my friends. The Galaxy S is still a great phone with lots of potential. Not everyone bought it on launch day and many may have just picked one up in the last year. Upgrading is not an option.

There is still the potential for custom ICS ROM’s at least. If you were hoping for ICS, that will be your only option at this point. With CM9 denouncing the Vibrant, that leaves the work to KANG’s and developers like Onecosmic and Neobuddy89. There are others out there of course. We recommend that if you have no intention of getting a new device soon, you start reading up on root and custom ROMs.

Is anyone out there at all surprised that Samsung has no plans to offer anything to the Galaxy S? Does this leave a bad taste in your mouth or was it just wishful thinking to begin with?