Swype and T-Mobile partner. Swype available on future T-Mobile devices.

You may have heard the news going around about Swype and it’s future launch on Android.  It’s now official! and I just received a press release from Swype’s public relations guys and the future is looking good for those of you wanting a new way of typing on your phone.  You may have also seen the post earlier about the new MyTouch from T-Mobile that it will be pre-loaded with the Swype software.

Today Swype officially launched on the Android platform with T-Mobile’s
myTouch 3G handset. Swype’s intuitive text input solution will also be
integrated into a number of T-Mobile touch screen handsets including
the HTC HD2. Stay tuned for more Swype announcements on other
platforms and devices both here in the States and expanding into
additional markets in Europe, Asia & Latin America later this year.

If you want to ready the official press release, I’ve included it below:


Swype Expands to AndroidT platform with new T-Mobile® myTouch® 3G

Seattle — February 10, 2010 -Swype, an innovative text input
technology, and T-Mobile USA, Inc. today announced the integration of
Swype’s intuitive text input solution into T-Mobile touch screen
devices, starting with the new version of the popular T-Mobile myTouch
3G, the company’s latest Android-powered device, which is available
beginning today. T-Mobile also plans to integrate Swype into a number
of future devices including the HTC HD2, an upcoming Windows Mobile®
Phone from T-Mobile, which is expected to be available this spring.

“T-Mobile has always been on the forefront of introducing new devices
and ground breaking technologies and now has embraced Swype’s
stunningly responsive text input for its touch screen lineup,” said
Mike McSherry, CEO, Swype. “Launching on the Android platform is a
major milestone for Swype as we continue to expand to new touch screen
devices and platforms.”

George Harrison, vice president, marketing product innovation, T-Mobile
USA said, “Consumers have been vocal in their demand for a more
intuitive and efficient way to use a virtual keyboard on touch screen
devices. As T-Mobile continues to drive innovation for the benefit of
our customers, the addition of Swype to T-Mobile products places our
customers at the forefront of this new solution.”

Swype’s software allows for a high degree of error tolerance and
provides a
faster and more intuitive way to input text on touch screens. The touch
screen market for mobile phones continues to grow rapidly in the US
and Swype is poised to revolutionize this space with its ease of use
and intuitive technology across multiple platforms.

Swype is designed to work across a variety of operating systems and
devices such as phones, tablets, game consoles, televisions, and GPS
units among others. Its impressive multi-lingual vocabulary currently
supports over 30 languages and Swype’s adaptive function allows it to
learn new words, phone numbers and more data unique to its owner.

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