HTC Sense Now Running On The Nexus One

Android dev Modaco has gotten his hands on a watermarked copy of the HTC Desire ROM. He has successfully ported the too big ROM (too big for the N1 by 200 MB) into his Nexus phone. This could possibly be what all you Sense UI fans have been waiting for, though you shouldn’t be too excited just yet. Modaco has stated he doesn’t plan to release this ROM until he receives an unwatermarked version of it.

Hit the jump to see the details about Modacos ROM.

– If you rebuild the boot image replacing the kernel it runs. I’m running my own custom kernel with himem and bits.
– The system.img doesn’t fit on the N1 (!), it’s nearly 200MB. I booted by moving some stuff off the system partition.
– The trackball works.
– The 4 bottom keys work.
– The proximity sensor works.
– The LED works.
– The light sensor works.
– The compass and G sensor work.
– The camera works fine and is great with face recognition and touch focus.
– The FM radio loads, but makes no sound / finds no stations it seems. Maybe we need Desire radio ROM?
– The build I have is watermarked – i’ve removed the obvious visual watermarks but no, you can’t have this release – when I get a watermark free drop, yes!
– Flash 10.1 is included and works well.
– It’s FAST!
– WiFi works
– Bluetooth works
– 800×480 video recording, camera maxes out at 3MP (fixed in later builds)

More to follow!

I expect to see something come soon from either Modaco himself or another ROM developer. Just be sure to keep your eyes peeled for something. What’s everyones thoughts on the ROM coming to the Nexus?

[via Modaco]